Riot unveils Vanguard as newest anti-cheat system for VALORANT

A good anti-cheat system is always important when it comes to shooter games, and Riot Games apparently realized that with its new title VALORANT.

The developers behind League of Legends are making sure that its first foray into the FPS genre won’t be plagued with hackers with the introduction of Vanguard, it’s newest anti-cheat system.

Vanguard is owned and developed by Riot as its primary shield against hackers once VALORANT releases later this year. It is a cheat detection tool that allows for “consistently evolving detection methods” that will ban cheaters right when they are found.

If a player is found to be cheating, the game will instantly end for all participants—a loss forgiven will also be applied for everyone in the game lobby, while the cheater will be banned on the spot. This system should control the number of cheaters within the game, whether its the game’s opening week or we’re months past its release.

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