Riot to introduce VALORANT Act Rank to track your ranked wins

Friends will finally be able to inspect your Match History and Act Rank progress.

Riot plans to help VALORANT players “only remember the good times” from their ranked grind.

VALORANT senior producer Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding addressed the upcoming ranked updates in today’s blog post, explaining that a new Act Rank will help track your performance from previous Acts.

Act Ranks will track your “proven skill,” which is a player’s ninth best ranked win that demonstrates “you can consistently win at that level,” according to Brighteyz. The new feature will also commemorate your highest ranked win and the number of wins you’ve gotten in the Act.

Your Act Rank fills with smaller triangles that represent your ranked wins over the entire season.

“Wins at higher ranks visually replace your lowest wins to display the best of your Competitive games,” Brighteyz said. “For example, more wins at Radiant will push out your earliest wins at Bronze (very aspirational).”

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The border around the Act Rank will also change as you hit “win thresholds” at nine, 25, 50, 75, and 100. And friends will finally be able to inspect your Match History, your rank, and your Act Rank progress.

Players will also earn a badge on their player card and career history based on their progress in Act II. Act I won’t have an Act Rank Badge.

Act II will likely kick off on Aug. 4 when the Act I Battle Pass ends.

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