Riot is targeting Twisted Fate with buffs in League Patch 10.5

It’s been years since Twisted Fate has been a meta pick in League of Legends. But that could be about to change in Patch 10.5.

Twisted Fate is a middle-of-the-table champion at the moment. He isn’t particularly bad in solo queue, but in pro play, he barely sees any action. His lack of mobility makes him a vulnerable target in the mid lane, and if he fails to hit his gold card, he’s basically done for. 

In Patch 10.5, Riot is increasing Twisted Fate’s AP ratio on both his blue and red cards. Blue card is being increased from 0.5 to 0.9 AP ratio and red card is going from 0.5 to 0.7 AP ratio. That’s a significant boost in damage, and combined with Lich and his usual assortment of items, he’ll be deadly.

Patch 10.5 tentative changes:

Close to final numbers, but a few things may change before it goes live.

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