Respawn unveils Loba, the new character debuting in Apex Legends season 5

“Something was always missing, until now.”

She sat in patience, biding her time. And now, Loba finally gets her revenge.

Respawn officially revealed the next Apex Legends character in today’s Stories from the Outlands video, “Legacy of a Thief.” Loba Andrade will be participating in the Apex Games and get her chance to kill the robot that took everything away from her.

“My world was shattered that day and my path was now a fog of unknowns,” Loba said. “Some wounds are too deep to ever truly heal.”

Fans got a glimpse of Loba in Apex’s season four trailer when Revenant brutally murdered her parents right in front of her. The little girl has since grown into a legendary thief who’s “used to getting what she wants—no matter how well it’s guarded,” according to Respawn.

While many years have passed since her world was turned upside down, Loba hasn’t forgotten about Revenant. And now that she’s finally found him, the simulacrum will pay.

Respawn has been teasing Loba recently with a cryptic tweet that hinted someone wants Revenant dead. And yesterday’s teaser provided some more information on simulacra, who fall “somewhere between cyborgs and androids on the spectrum of organic to inorganic life.”

With Revenant having it out for Hammond Robotics for turning him into a killer robot and Loba seeking to enact her revenge, season five is going to be an interesting one.

Apex season five, titled Fortune’s Favor, goes live May 12.

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