Rekkles: "I would rather see [Riot] rework AD carries than release more newer ones"

Fnatic’s superstar compared older ADCs to the new generation of marksmen.

In a Twitch livestream today, League of Legends Worlds finalist and former EU LCS champion Rekkles voiced his opinion regarding the latest AD carry releases.

“I would rather see [Riot] rework AD carries than release more newer ones,” the Fnatic ADC said. “It’s just gonna happen [like] what happened with Aphelios and Senna, where older ones are so outdated that they’re not playable anymore, and the newer ones are so [fresh] that they will always be played…If I could play Vayne every game I would love it.”

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He later continued to admit that while older ADCs have interesting kits, they’re simply no match for the latest released kits. Rekkles gave Jhin as an example, saying that although the marksman has an “insane” and unique kit, the Fnatic AD carry believes playing Jhin “doesn’t feel like playing League of Legends in 2020.”

Riot Games had some limits on released kits in the past, but their latest releases of Sett, Senna, and Aphelios seem to have overcome that. The old champions feel like a blast into the past since they cannot withstand the unique designs of the present.

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While reworks will diminish the enjoyment for a certain type of players who love to play only that champion in that form, they are needed to bring back certain champions who’ve fallen out of play in recent years. Not all reworks are successful, but understanding what makes a champion fun and interactive and building upon that is a good start.

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