Red Bull Looking to Simplify League of Legends Worlds With Stream for Newbies

Red Bull has partnered with a host of esports celebrities and talent for Red Bull Worlds Simplified, a League of Legends World Championship stream for newcomers. The aim for the production, which airs on Saturday, Oct. 31  on Twitch is to “demystify” the League of Legends championship event. Fans can expect to see the likes of League of Legends players and personalities including Marc “Caedrel” Lamont, and Ciernan “Excoundrel” Lowe, Joseph “Munchables” Fenny, Luciana “AngelArcher” Nadrag, and more. 

The stream will broadcast from Gfinity Arena in London, and will be led by hosts Frankie Ward and Tom Deacon, who will “invite new viewers to experience esports at its most electrifying for the very first time.” 

The League of Legends World Championship is one of the most viewed esports events in the world. Last year’s Nov. 10 event finals saw a 21.8M global average-minute-audience (AMA) which peaked at 44M concurrent viewers. This year, the LCS Summer split saw a 25% increase in AMA with the LEC reporting a 70% viewership increase for their Summer Finals.

Red Bull Worlds Simplified is an “alternative finals stream for newcomers to League of Legends,” offering in-depth casting breaking down every play and what’s at stake, as well as pre- and post-match coverage for those who may be new to the scene. Red Bull Worlds Simplified is designed to make League of Legends even more accessible to new viewers, offering a complimentary stream to the main event on Riot Games’ channels.