Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Disables Clash AGAIN After Redditors Discover New Exploit

Ubisoft has a bit of a problem on its hands, as the company has temporarily disabled one of the operators in Rainbow Six: Siege. It appears that some players are taking advantage of an exploit linked to the shield-wielding Defender — Clash — and she will remain unplayable until the issue has been resolved.

No specifics about the exploit were mentioned, but it didn’t take long before the internet was full of theories. One reddit user by the name of “liluce_” wrote that they have “seen someone do a glitch where she’s shooting and can’t [take] any damage as if her shield was deployed.” Here’s an excellent YouTube video by “ninjabladeJr” that shows the glitch in action.

Other users are wondering why Clash is constantly giving the development team such a difficult time, as this isn’t the first time the operator has seen issues. Just last year there was a different exploit that caused her and many other shield-users to become nearly invincible.

The speculation continues, claiming that Clash’s transparent shield will almost always be the root of issues, as the coding for this feature isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Many players are calling for a complete rework of Clash as the operator is too buggy in her current state.

All online multiplayer games see their fair share of bugs and exploits — but it is a bit concerning that Clash needs extra attention compared to other operators. Ubisoft has its hands full right now, as it prepares to launch Operation Void Edge early next month. Disabling an operator probably wasn’t what it wanted to be working on this close to a major update.

In a recently released roadmap, Ubisoft revealed that fewer operators will be added over the next two years than we have seen in the past. Based on this new Clash exploit, it seems like a smart plan. Instead of focusing on crafting new characters, the developers will be able to rework existing characters for improved balance — and to make sure they are free of bugs.

There’s no word as to when Clash will return to Rainbow Six: Siege, but Ubisoft tells players they can stay up to date on the news by checking Twitter@Rainbow6Game.

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