PapaSmithy isn't here to turn North America into Korea, he's here to build a sustainable winner at 100 Thieves

Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith walks out of his new office and onto the blacktop basketball court/parking lot behind it. His new uniform swaps a button-down and tie under his blazer for a black 100 Thieves-issue T-shirt, trades slacks for sweats, and completely ditches the caster’s headset.

He squints under the Los Angeles sun with his hands in his pockets as he jokes around with his new team. They’re all people he’d previously been paid to talk about: a Korean top laner, a shaggy-haired veteran jungler, an Australian mid laner, and an ADC and support that had never played together.

Like a proud father watching his kids, he radiates calmness and certainty—two valuable qualities for a former caster with no coaching or GM experience now tasked with taking the reins of a League of Legends franchise.

“I feel old by esports standards,” he told me with a smile. He’s 33.

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