Panda Global rebrands, announces new players during Panda Showcase

Panda Global made several announcements during their livestreamed Panda Showcase on December 3. Notably, the organization is rebranding to simply “Panda,” while introducing corresponding changes to their logo and merchandise. In addition, Panda announced three new sponsored players and introduced their upcoming PGhealth division.

CEO Alan “SamuraiPanda” Bunney said the new logo encapsulates Panda’s mission of doing right by the competitive communities they support. Panda’s rebranding also includes redesigned esports jerseys. Not only will their players sport these jerseys at tournaments, but fans can also purchase these jerseys online. In addition, Panda will begin to produce merchandise with its new hashtag, #HoldForward.

Interestingly, despite the name change, Panda’s offshoots will still maintain the “PG” branding. This includes the PGRU and MPGR, PGstats, PGhardware, and the newly-announced PGhealth. SamuraiPanda said in the Panda Showcase that PGhealth will bring his expertise as a medical doctor to the esports world. This new branch of Panda “will be focused on creating products to help gamers live healthier lives.”

New players revealed in the Panda Showcase

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The bulk of the Panda Showcase was devoted to revealing three new players that Panda now sponsors. Interestingly, none of them are esports professionals. As a result, this new wave of players represents Panda’s expansion into gaming more generally.

Panda’s expanded roster includes the organization’s first speedrunners: Tanner “SmallAnt” Ant and Ryan “simply” Reeves. In addition, Panda signed Zack “Little Z” Trehame as a content creator. Little Z is a YouTuber who specializes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content. Each of the new players received a special announcement trailer in the Panda Showcase.

Last month, Panda announced another upcoming project, The website will provide detailed statistics, analytics, and rankings information for every competitive Super Smash Bros. player. While has not launched publicly, esports fans can sign up for its closed beta.

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