Overwatch’s competitive season 21 kicks off with Mei, Orisa, Hanzo, and Baptiste bans

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Overwatch’s icy devil is gone from ranked matches for a week. The shooter kicked off its competitive season 21 today with the addition of Hero Pools, effectively forbidding players to choose some of the characters in the game—and Mei is one of them.

The initial Hero Pool won’t allow players to select Mei, Hanzo, Orisa, or Baptiste. The four characters take a prominent spot in the meta and the choice to disable them from competitive play is likely aimed at keeping the meta fluid.

Orisa is usually half of the double-shield compositions that skyrocketed in popularity since the introduction of Sigma. Disabling her will force teams to run Reinhardt and Sigma if they’re intent on maintaining two barriers, but it’ll also open up more room for other compositions with different off-tanks. Parts of the fan base complained about Orisa’s apparent overtune, especially with her Fortify.

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