Overwatch League Week 4 Power Rankings

The Overwatch League’s 2020 campaign is three weeks in and despite the Coronavirus preventing some teams not being able to play their matches, things are starting to take shape. With teams shaking things up through their first few matches, let’s take a look at where the teams stack up as we head into week four of the Overwatch League.

1. San Francisco Shock (1-0)

The San Francisco Shock only have one match under their belts so far but they are the defending champions and arguably the most dynamic team in the entire league. They should occupy the top spot for the time being and barring an uncharacteristic meltdown, be a premier team for all of 2020.

2. Philadelphia Fusion (4-0)

The Philadelphia Fusion have been extremely strong coming out of the gates. They secured some key pickups in the offseason and many named them as one of the top teams in the league. Somehow they have exceeded already strong expectations and look to be a serious title contender with their electric teamplay and insane individual skill.

3. Vancouver Titans (2-0)

The Vancouver Titans were the most exciting team to watch during the opening weekend as they flexed on a number of comps, including dive, to great success. Their 2019 season fell short to the Shock in the Grand Finals, but a few roster changes might turn out to be a great shakeup. There is no reason to think the Titans won’t be good this year, and they should find themselves in the 1-5 range all season.

4. New York Excelsior (3-1)

The NYXL got bodied by the Philadelphia Fusion in their only loss of the season so far. They frequently looked out of position, and the new aggressive playstyle is seemingly taking some time to adjust to. Still, this team is full of talent and has so much potential to be one of the best teams in the league. If they can get used to their new strategies, New York should be fine.

5. Los Angeles Gladiators (0-1)

Despite only playing one match (and losing), the Los Angeles Gladiators showed a lot of promise against the Vancouver Titans, who should be considered one of the best teams in the league. The Gladiators have been consistently above average as a team through the first two seasons and if the first match was anything to write home about, they look to be even better for their 2020 journey.

6. Toronto Defiant (1-1)

The Toronto Defiant smacked around the Paris Eternal to kick off the season and then took the Philadelphia Fusion to five matches this past weekend in Washington D.C. They have already exceeded expectations and look to be a solid team with a lot of potential. They might have a chance late in the season if they can continue to build off a solid enough start so far.

7. Paris Eternal (2-1)

The Paris Eternal actually look good despite their hopeful star DPS player not being eligible to play until later in the season due to being under 18. They look to be scary once their full roster is able to play together. If the Eternal can weather the storm looking good like they do, they should be a great team when they reach full potential.

8. Los Angeles Valiant (1-1)

The Valiant took it to the Dallas Fuel in a hostile crowd to kick off their season. They also played the Vancouver Titans relatively close, despite the 3-0 scoreline. They have a lot of young talent that is looking to prove themselves on the stage. It’s unclear how well they will do in the long-run, but they might be better than many were expecting.

9. London Spitfire (1-2)

The London Spitfire showed a lot of heart after completing the reverse sweep against the Washington Justice in Washington D.C. They are essentially a rookie roster and this type of win might be the turning point for a young team with some great talent. The Spitfire should continue to improve as the season progresses.

10. Washington Justice (1-3)

It’s a shame that the Justice have had a shaky start to their 2020 season, which includes going 0-2 in front of their home crowd. They choked against the London Spitfire to close out the weekend after allowing a reverse sweep. They have some incredibly strong talent but haven’t exactly clicked as a unit yet. Time will tell if the Justice have what it takes to be a good team or if they will falter like they did in 2019.

11. Florida Mayhem (1-1)

The Florida Mayhem stomped the Houston Outlaws 3-0 to start their season. They were stomped 3-0 by the Fusion soon after, marking them as a team that is genuinely hard to figure out, especially considering the vast difference in talent their two opponents have been. The Mayhem have been essentially the worst team through the first two seasons of the league, but should definitely be better in 2020. The only question is, how much better?

12. Dallas Fuel (0-2)

The Dallas Fuel started off their season at home but still walked away with two defeats. They lost to a largely unproven Los Angeles Valiant team in heartbreaking fashion before having to face the defending champs to close out the opening weekend. They have some big stars on the team, but it doesn’t seem like enough as Dallas looked a little lost on what they wanted to accomplish with some of their comps.

13. Boston Uprising (1-1)

The Boston Uprising aren’t good. That’s a fact, but they won the hearts of many in their epic 3-2 victory over the Houston Outlaws that went to a staggering seven maps (two draws). They showed some promise, but the Uprising are more than likely to the sit towards the bottom of the rankings for the majority of the season.

14. Houston Outlaws (0-4)

The poor Houston Outlaws. It’s looking extremely rough for Houston in the early goings of the new season. Despite adding some strong talent in the offseason, the Outlaws look lost on stage in their 0-4 start, with three of those games coming with a 3-0 scoreline. It’s hard to place the blame on the coaching staff or the lack of talent, but it seems like a mixture of both. It is looking like it might be a long season for the Outlaws.

The Chengdu Hunters, Hangzhou Spark, Atlanta Reign, Guangzhou Charge, Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty have not played matches yet.

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