Overwatch League cancels Seoul Dynasty homestand, studio games due to coronavirus

The Overwatch League has canceled an upcoming homestand based in Seoul, South Korea, due to news of the coronavirus spreading through the country. The Seoul Dynasty homestand, initially set to be held March 7 and 8, will now be rescheduled.

Unfortunately for the Overwatch League, this cancellation also affects all of the previously scheduled Chinese homestand make-up matches set to be played in Seoul. Earlier this season, five homestands taking place in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou were canceled due to the coronavirus. These matches were set to be made up at a studio in Seoul over weeks five, six, and seven of the Overwatch League.

This cancellation is yet another roadblock in the Overwatch League’s competitive schedule. The five canceled Chinese homestands represented 27 matches played by the Pacific East and Pacific West divisions. With the Seoul homestand, that number now rises to 33 affected matches. No team in the Pacific East division has played a match yet due to cancellations.

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