October’s Most Talked-About Esports Teams, According to Twitter Gaming

Twitter Gaming has released its lists of the most popular teams, leagues, and games on the social media platform for the month of October. Those lists include the most talked about Call of Duty League, Overwatch League, League of Legends Championship Series, and League of Legends European Championship teams during the month.

Most Popular Games

Only a few games relevant to esports made it into the top 10 in October, though some could argue that Among Us and Fall Guys had some connective tissue to teams and influencers who hosted events or generally mucked around in both games. However, Call of Duty was the No. 1 most talked about game for the month.

Most Popular Teams – #CDL2020

In order, Chicago Huntsmen, Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, Minnesota R0KKER, and London Royal Ravens managed to make it into the Top 5 for October, driven by users from the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, and Japan. At least some of the buzz surrounding the Huntsmen can likely be attributed to stories about OpTic Gaming being bought by Hector Rodriguez, much to the delight of fans. The former CEO of OpTic left the organization in 2019 to join Huntsmen owner NRG Esports as its co-CEO. 

Most Popular Teams – #OWL2020

For the Overwatch League, the San Francisco Shock was the most talked about team, with the conversation driven by its win over Seoul Dynasty during the Grand Finals. In order, San Francisco Shock, Paris Eternal, New York Excelsior, Dallas Fuel, and Philadelphia Fusion were the top 5 most talked about teams in OWL.

Most Popular Teams – #LCS2020

Despite a disappointing performance at Worlds 2020 for North American teams, Cloud9 was the most talked about North American LoL team during the month. Much of the conversation about NA teams was related to disappointing performances at Worlds.  

Most Popular Teams – #LEC2020

Through a combination of memes and jabs at its competition, G2 Esports was the most popular European LoL team in October. G2’s performance at Worlds was pretty impressive as it beat out Gen.G Esports in the quarter-finals, only to fall to LCK team DAMWON Gaming in the semi-finals.

Most Popular Teams – U.S.

FaZe Clan was the most talked about team for U.S. users, followed by TSM, and NRG Esports. NRG had three entries in the top 10 for October: NRG, Chicago Huntsmen, and San Francisco Shock.

Most Popular Teams – Global

FaZe Clan was the most talked about team globally during the month of October, followed by G2 Esports, and Brazillian esports organization LOUD. Brazillian social media users have a lot of influence as evidenced in the top ten; four out of the top 10 are Brazillian teams.

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