Newzoo and The Esports Observer Partner to Create Leading Global Esports Insights and Data Service

The Esports Observer (TEO) and Newzoo have announced a strategic partnership to help businesses better understand and navigate the esports industry through quality insights and data. The partnership will see both companies working closely together to combine and enhance their data, with the overall aim of offering accessible and actionable esports market insights, at a very affordable price point.

As part of its reporting on esports since 2015, TEO has gathered data on investments, acquisitions, sponsorships, partnerships, and brand activations along with multi-platform game and channel viewership and prize money. This data is complementary to, and to some extent overlaps with, data and metrics gathered by Newzoo. To offer the most value and best possible service to their readers and subscribers, TEO and Newzoo have agreed to make their combined esports data an integral part of Newzoo Pro.

Newzoo Pro is officially launched today and is accessible through Newzoo’s analytics platform. It offers a 360° view of the global games and esports market and next to TEO’s data, it combines in-depth game, genre, country, and demographic profiles with real-time engagement and market-sizing data. The new service aims to be the go-to destination for anyone seeking up-to-date and accessible information on the world’s most popular form of entertainment.

“We have been working with Newzoo for quite some time and for example used Newzoo data for our quarterly PC Games Impact Tracker and other insights for articles and feature stories.”, said Chris Hana, The Esports Observer’s CEO. “I’m convinced that combining our data-sets will lead to enhanced insights providing more value for the industry. While we’ll be working with Newzoo on further developing Newzoo Pro to deliver actionable insights, The Esports Observer will retain its neutral position and continue to work with relevant data from other companies in the space to provide our audience with the best possible market assessment. Our editors will continue to have a critical view on any insights published, including those of Newzoo.”

It seems like just yesterday when Chris and I were on stage talking about the explosive rise of esports.”, said Peter Warman, co-founder and CEO of Newzoo. “Fast forward six years, and it’s incredible to see how far the business has come. Even more exciting is what’s in store for the future. Still, we realize that esports has a long way to go as a standalone business, with return on investment needing to be proven in many cases. Both TEO and Newzoo have a shared duty to paint a realistic picture of the esports business and to provide accurate information, data, and tools that people need to succeed within it. I’m happy that Newzoo and TEO can combine and leverage their capabilities to offer a new level of insights to the esports market.”

About The Esports Observer
The Esports Observer (TEO) is the world’s leading source for essential esports business news and insights. As the esports business authority of the Western world, TEO enables companies to make informed decisions for their business. We offer a comprehensive industry database covering entities from personalities to companies and games, real-time business intelligence, and insight reports. Through TEO’s business conferences and events, we connect industries and individuals alike. Our ultimate goal is to increase transparency and foster growth in the industry we love: esports.

About Newzoo
Newzoo is the world’s leading provider of games and esports analytics. With over a decade of market expertise, Newzoo is proud to help some of the most successful entertainment, technology, and media companies around the world, such as EA, Bloomberg, PepsiCo, Vodafone, target their audience, track competitors, increase brand awareness, spot opportunities, and make strategic and financial decisions. Newzoo’s product portfolio includes the Global Games and Global Esports Market Reports, proprietary Consumer Insights profiling consumer behavior and preferences in 30 key markets across the globe, its Game Development Solution, and Newzoo Pro. Learn more at and get in touch at [email protected].

 Newzoo Pro is officially launched today. Pro offers a 360° view of the global games and esports market and costs $99 USD per month for an annual subscription.

Disclosure: Newzoo and The Esports Observer are owned by Leaders Group.

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