New brawlers, gadgets, and more set to arrive in Brawl Stars before May

Brawl Stars fans can expect two new brawlers, eight skins, new and reworked environments, a new challenge and gadgets in the coming months.

The schedule of main changes and new features coming to the game was revealed all the way through May by Supercell earlier today. Rather than focusing only on cosmetics and brawlers, the meta of the game will also get significant changes.

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Gadgets will form a new mechanic, a unique ability to use and adapt your strategies added to every brawler. They will be collectible items that will be able to be used only a couple of times per game. This new feature will please the most strategic players by turning around the game’s meta.

The first brawler to be added to the game is Jacky. She’s a tank who deals damage all around her with a jackhammer, which accordingly makes way too much noise. Her super prevents opponents from escaping by pulling them towards her and dealing more damage to them. She will be released in March.

The underdog system will also be introduced in the next update, as scheduled. In addition, eight skins are also set to join Brawl Stars in March:

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