Modern Warfare glitch allows the Model 680 shotgun to have infinite ammo

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has seen its fair share of glitches over the course of its life. Like most titles in the series, Infinity Ward has cleaned up most of these bugs. However, it seems that with every new update, more and more glitches start to pop up in the game. The latest of these involves the newly buffed Model 680 shotgun.

  • Model 680 shotgun broken in Modern Warfare

    For the four-odd months since Modern Warfare released, the 725 shotgun has dominated its respective category. The range, damage, and accuracy of this weapon all set it at the top of its class, making it nearly unstoppable.

    Infinity Ward has tried to change this in the past, but to no avail. So, with the most recent update, they decided to buff another shotgun to try and compete with the 725. That weapon would be the Model 680, which didn’t receive a lot of love in the past.

    While this seemed like a welcome change on paper, one Modern Warfare player discovered a serious flaw with the gun after the update went live. Reddit user Dinjur found a major glitch that can essentially give the Model 680 infinite ammunition.

  • Game Breaking Model 680 Reload Glitch (Infinite Ammo)
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    • Dinjur
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      In their Reddit post, Dinjur demonstrates how broken the Model 680 really is. Not only is the reload animation not working, but it can give players unlimited ammo if they empty their entire clip.

      And this could be only the beginning. Gamers can exploit glitches like this in more ways than one, as we’ve seen multiple times in the past. The last thing Modern Warfare needs is another game-breaking glitch that causes one weapon to dominate the public lobbies.

      Infinity Ward should have seen this bug in action by now, so let’s hope they’re working on a fix.

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