Mobile Legends 1.4.52 Patch Notes – February 18th

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been taking Southeast Asia by storm and the popular mobile game doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

The game still sees regular updates with the latest going live on February 18th and providing a plethora of changes, adjustments, additions, and more.

You can find the full Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.4.52 patch notes below:

Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. Khufra’s new Skin Gentleman Thief will be available from February 14 (Server Time). Diamond 749, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Khufra and his new Skin “Gentleman Thief” will be in a bundle and available from February 14 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.mobil

2. Esmeralda’s new Skin “Lady Thief” will be available from February 14 (Server Time). Diamond 749, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Esmeralda and her new Skin “Lady Thief” will be in a bundle and available from February 14 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

3. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2020-02-14 05:01:00 to 2020-02-21 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Rafaela; Diggie; Argus; Roger; Angela; Esmeralda; Lancelot; Martis

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chou; Lapu-Lapu; Gusion; Yi Sun-shin; Kimmy; Hanzo

Hero Adjustments


Frigid Breath: the time required to trigger Slow effect is extended to 1.5s1. Khufra’s new Skin Gentleman Thief will be available from February 14 (Server Time). Diamond 749, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Slow increased from 40% to 50%; Atlas’s Physical and Magic DEF increased from 35-119 to 64-120.

Perfect Match: Atlas’s Ult [Fatal Links] can be used in Ejected State now; this skill no longer can be reactivated to move the Mecha faster to Atlas.

Fatal Links: The Slow effect is now 40% and no longer decays over time while channeling.

Skill visual effects have been optimized.

[Natalia Revamp]

Assassin Instinct: Now Natalia will be revealed if she stays close to the enemy for a short period; she can regain Stealth by moving away from the enemy. Skill description has been optimized. Display of revelation has been optimized.

Cold-Blooded Strangling: there is now a short delay between two casts.

[Freya Revamp]

Power of Einherjar: enhanced attacks no longer restore HP.

Spirit Ward: the Shield now can be granted by every cast of the skill rather than the first one; base Shield changed from 250-450 to 160-260 per cast (up to 640-1040); Physical ATK bonus changed from 140% to 70% per cast (up to 280%). The Slow effect of each cast is now 30% for 0.5s; the last strike no longer knocks back the enemies but knocks them airborne. Skill animation and description have been optimized.

Valkyrie Descent: Base Shield decreased by 200. Bonus Physical ATK reduced from 200% to 160% (all-level). The cast speed of her Ultimate has been sped up.

[Hanzo Revamp]

Ninjutsu: Demon Feast/Demon Thorn: the mechanism of high Attack Speed unlocking 2 stacks of seal is removed.

Ninjutsu: Soul Reap: additional damage is triggered faster now.


Elusiveness: base damage of enhanced basic attack increased from 165 to 180, damage growth per level increased from 10 to 20, and the Magic Power bonus reduced from 0.75 to 0.55.

Dance Of Death: base damage of enhanced basic attack increased from 260 to 280, damage growth per level increased from 20 to 25, and the Magic Power bonus reduced from 1.3 to 1.15.


Rhapsody: the skill can be interrupted by CC now.

Battlefield Adjustments

1. Dominance Ice 10% Crit Chance Reduction is removed, new attribute: +5% Movement SPD. Unique Passive – Arctic Cold: effect range increased by20%. Total cost reduced from 2160 to 2010, new recipe: Black Ice Shield+Leather Jerkin, compound price is adjusted accordingly.

2. Twilight Armor The +50 HP Regen is removed, new attribute: +20% Crit Damage Reduction. New Recipe: Ares Belt+Vitality Crystal+Power Crystal, the compound price is changed so the total cost remains the same.

3. Endless Battle Unique Passive – Divine Justice: additional true damage reduced from 85% to 70% of Physical ATK.

4. Blade of the Heptaseas Unique Passive – Ambush: additional damage of next basic attack increased from 100% to 150% of Physical ATK.

5. Magic Blade: compound price reduced from 830 to 680.

6. Brute Force Breastplate: compound price reduced from 1000 to 850.

7. Warrior Boots: compound price increased from 220 to 250.

8. Tough Boots: compound price reduced from 270 to 230.

System Adjustments

1. New feature “Squads Nearby” is available now. Players can use it to search for and join the Squads of players nearby.

2. MCL optimizations:

a). Tournament pop-ups and layouts have been optimized. New preview feature has been added to the item rewards;

b). “History” and “Battles of Last Week” are merged;

c). The Champion List screen has been renovated.

3. Revamped Guess Coins: they will be automatically turned into items in the Inventory; you can still use them as before

4. Security related:

a). Optimized the notification when the same account is simultaneously logged in on different devices;

b). If your account is stolen, you can now change account password and delete your account information from other devices via “Avatar-Account Settings-Account Center-Sign Out All”.

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