Magic: The Gathering fetchlands will get reprinted

Senior Magic: The Gathering designer Gavin Verhey confirmed last night that fetchlands will be reprinted.

Verhey was challenged yesterday by a Reddit user who said they’d donate $100 to charity if the designer answered his question regarding the reprinting of fetchlands in Magic. Accepting the challenge, Verhey responded and essentially confirmed that WotC will at some point reprint fetchlands. 

“Like everything we do, things take time to create,” Verhey said. “A long time—our sets and products are built on the scale of years. And that means it can take a while for things to show up. Do we plan to reprint the fetchlands (or Oracle of Mul Daya, or Force of Will, or Mana Drain, or Jace, or…)? Absolutely. I can pretty much guarantee you that they will show up somewhere along the line.”

Verhey also acknowledged that the design team is aware of how fetchlands will improve play in Commander and Eternal formats for players. 

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