Luna and Vengeful Spirit turn out to be the top picks in Dota 2 BLAST Bounty Hunt

Every patch churns out new heroes as the meta continues to carry on for more days and patch 7.26 is no different. The latest tournament which was played on Dota 2 patch 7.26 was the BLAST Bounty Hunt and it shot out some heroes which weren’t too popular a few days ago. The event, which Team Secret won with ease, saw a rise in popularity for Luna and Vengeful Spirit, both of whom had a good win rate.

The most picked heroes can be seen below from the 25 games of the BLAST Bounty Hunt. What makes Luna and Vengeful Spirit the favorites? Luna has been getting stronger with every patch. Not being a meta pick for a long time led IceFrog to buff her a bit in a number of patches, resulting in a strong hero. For Vengeful Spirit, there isn’t any explicit reason as such. It’s just that certain good heroes or abilities aren’t recognized for a long time (it took two years for players to start using Wraith King’s Scepter). There is a common factor between the two though – both of them can be played as core or support. For majority of the games, Luna was played as a carry and Vengeful Spirit was played as a support. But those roles can be reversed! In one of Team Secret’s games, Yapzor played a support Luna while in one of OG’s games, Topson played a mid Vengeful Spirit. If played together, their auras also compliment each other quite well.

But their popularity comes as a result of certain heroes being permanently banned out. Beastmaster was banned out for literally every game while Lycan was banned in 24 of the 25 games. A few heroes have been the hot picks (or rather bans) for this patch and their names will continue to be on the drafting screen unless we are bestowed with a new patch with nerfs.

Beastmaster: Banned 25 games
Lycan: Banned 24 games
Ember Spirit: Banned 22 games
Nature’s Prophet: Banned 22 games
Io: Banned 21 games
Queen of Pain: Banned 21 games

Considering the fact that patch 7.26 is nearly two months old and that IceFrog and Valve have been launching patches earlier in this unique time, there is a chance that 7.27 is just around the corner. Till that happens though, there is a lot of Dota 2 action happening in all regions, with the BTS Pro Series taking place for Southeast Asia and North America while the BEYOND EPIC tournament is about to begin for the Europe and CIS regions. The games to come will reveal if Luna and Vengeful Spirit’s popularity was short lived or whether it is here to stay.

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