League player survives teamfight by disconnecting and running back to base

Sometimes the internet gods just might work in your favor.

A League of Legends player recently survived a dicey encounter with the enemy team thanks to their internet giving out at precisely the right moment.

In a clip posted earlier today, a League player, who was playing Yone in the specific clip, disconnected in the middle of a two-vs-three teamfight.

As the Yone player was running through the river and making an attempt to catch up to the teamfight, they disconnected from the game and began naturally running back toward their base. 

Noticing that the Yone player was circumventing the fight and sprinting through the jungle toward the base, the enemy team turned their attention and began to chase after them at Mach speed. There was a brief moment in time where the enemy team had to make the decision to continue hunting down their initial target, a low-health Hecarim player, or the aimlessly-moving Yone directly in front of them. 

Three champions—Renekton, Yuumi, and Master Yi—all began making a mad dash after the Yone toward the blue side base. The Yone player was intermittently reconnecting and disconnecting throughout the entire process. 

Eventually, the Yone player’s supreme kiting ability allowed their teammates to pinch the three chasing enemy players and wipe them off the map. A successful Light Binding (Q) from a heroic Lux player was able to halt their advance and allow the rest of Yone’s teammates to collapse. In the end, the Yone player returned to the game just in time to see his team complete the delayed ace. 

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