League of Legends' Eternals now live on North American servers

The wait is over for League of Legends achievement hunters. Eternals are now available for purchase on the live servers in North America.

If you check the in-client store, League’s new champion-based stat-trackers are ready for fans to buy. Each champion’s Series One Eternals will cost 600 RP, while the Series One Eternal Pass will cost 5,850 RP.

This RP-only pass will unlock three unique Eternals for every champion in the game, plus any champions that release in the future. These unique Eternals will vary based on the champion you’re playing, like how many Lee Sin ultimates you’ve had or how many long-ranged Ashe arrows you’ve successfully hit.

This pass will also save you plenty of money since you’re unlocking set three Eternals for every champion. You’d spend around 93 percent less compared to buying the set for all 128 champions in the game.

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