LDLC add bodyy & afroo

LDLC have officially added Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro and Aurélien “afroo” Drapier to their Counter-Strike division. The two players join a day after Logan “LOGAN” Corti and Kilian “Gringo” Garcia were benched from the organization.

The lineup had been together for five months prior to this change. The roster was pieced together around Christophe “SIXER” Xia who was the only player to have remained signed to LDLC following the break down of their previous lineup. The new lineup did see the return of LOGAN who had been a member of LDLC on more than one occasion.

bodyy had been teamless since his time with G2 came to an end a year ago. During his time with G2 bodyy helped the team take home the trophy at ECS as well as an ESL Pro League and DreamHack Masters event. Most recently the 23-year-old was playing on FiveG alongside afroo.

The lineup will be tested right away as they compete in ESEA Advanced with a 4-0 record today. The squad is also participating in WINNERS league Season 4 where they sit at 1-1.

LDLC CS:GO division:

-Christophe “SIXER” Xia
-Ali “hAdji” Haïnouss
-Lambert “Lambert” Prigent
-Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro
-Aurélien “afroo” Drapier

-Steeve “Ozstrik3r” Flavigni (coach)

-Logan “LOGAN” Corti (benched)
-Kilian “Gringo” Garcia (benched)

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