KT Rolster pick up their third win of the 2020 LCK season in week 4

KT Rolster took down Hanwha Life Esports in League’s Champions Korea today in an intense 2-0 game, securing their third win of the season.

While KT had a rough start of the season, Hanwha Life Esports picked up early wins and were looking to reach the top of the standings alongside other teams such as T1, DragonX, and Gen.G. Bot laner Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram alongside his teammate support Park “TusiN” Jong-ik received player of the game for the match.

While all odds were against KT in their previous matches, the situation was different for this one. They showed a lot of improvement over the past matches and a win against a middle-of-the-pack team was expected. Aiming showed a remarkable display of skill in the first game on Ezreal against HLE’s Miss Fortune, obtaining an early lead and snowballing the game. TusiN played Volibear in their second game, while Aiming “supported” him with Senna. They executed the tactic from NA’s Cloud9 with Senna “ADC” support and tanky “support” carry perfectly. 

While HLE did quite well in the first game and almost snagged a win, KT proved to be much stronger and secured the win in the end after picking up the Cloud Dragon Soul, which amplified the power of their team composition.

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