Killjoy joins VALORANT as the game's latest tech-based agent

The Genius of Germany will be arriving next month.

The wait is over, VALORANT fans. After many weeks of speculation, Riot Games has finally unveiled Killjoy as the next agent to join the game’s unique cast of playable characters.

Killjoy is known as “the Genius of Germany.” She’s a brilliant tinkerer who uses her plethora of deadly inventions to lock down and protect areas while she makes short work of her opponents on the battlefield.

Whether she uses her pesky, little turret to damage enemies or throws out a Nanoswarm grenade to stop a push in its tracks, Killjoy is clearly going to be an amazing defensive agent. She has a handful of different zone control tools that will make it difficult to push into a choke point or rush onto a site.

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As for her design, she has a colorful ensemble made up of a bright yellow jacket with purple Xs on the shoulders, as well as a stylish combination of a green beanie along with big, round glasses. She also has green sneakers and her patented blue bracelet, which is what she uses to summon her various contraptions.

Her little bots are just as vibrant and lively. Her turret, for example, is actually painted yellow with a cute, angry little bird on the top. The rest of the turret’s body is gray and white with orange details. Her Alarmbot, on the other hand, has a single eye that remains blue while dormant. When an enemy gets too close, however, the eye turns a menacing red as it races toward its target and explodes.

Killjoy will be available for VALORANT fans to try when the game’s second act begins on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

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