How does Echo fit into the Overwatch meta?

Blizzard recently added Overwatch’s newest hero, Echo, to the Public Test Region—and, so far, people love her.

Things will become more clear over the next month or so as people learn how to counter the new DPS hero, but Echo is already fun to play and capable of doing massive damage without feeling oppressive to enemy teams. 

Echo will likely need some nerfs to her damage and ultimate charge generation rate, but we don’t anticipate any large scale changes beyond those adjustments. For most DPS players, Echo represents exactly what they want in a DPS hero. She’s easy to pick up and hard to master, which is arguably the goal of good hero design in games like Overwatch

Echo’s abilities combine well

Echo has some incredibly fun and effective abilities. Her primary attack fires a burst of three projectiles that do 17 damage each, or 51 damage if you land all three. The weapon is long range, but obviously it’ll be harder to hit targets that are far away.

Echo’s secondary ability fires six sticky grenades that do five damage each when they hit the target and then 31 damage each when they explode a second later. Her final damage ability is her focusing beam, which deals 50 damage-per-second (DPS) and increases to 200 DPS when the target is below half health.

In addition to all of these high damage attacks, Echo has a Flight and Glide ability that allow her to fly in any direction for three seconds and then glide horizontally for several more.

Her flight trajectories are way harder for enemies to predict than Pharah’s flight ability and Echo’s movement in the air is more flexible than Mercy’s. Echo’s hitbox is small, like Tracer or Mercy, which helps her survive when players use her movement ability well.  

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