Great sound for a specific audience: HyperX Cloud Flight S Qi charging headset review

HyperX continues to push its way into every corner of the peripheral space. While not every offering is up to snuff, some products stand out as promising examples of what the company is capable of providing gamers. HyperX’s newest innovation, the Cloud Flight S Qi charging headset, is the first Qi charging headset, but while this innovation is impressive, it may not be for everyone. 

From the outside, the Cloud Flight S headset looks like a pretty standard HyperX product. The design may not necessarily fit the classic “gamer” mold, but the HyperX logo plastered on the earcups gives it away. Aside from the logo, everything here is extremely minimal in design. The greyish-black frame doesn’t inspire any feelings either way and the side buttons are concave, which ensures nothing protrudes from the headset. There’s a volume scroll wheel tucked under the right ear cup, which is always a must-have on a wireless headset. The Cloud Flight S also boasts 90-degree rotating ear cups to add to its flexibility.

The ear cups are a nice leatherette material that feels broken in from the get-go and doesn’t require any extensive wear to feel comfortable. This is great for the ear cups but doesn’t really work as well with the headband, however. The leatherette and foam on the headband have way too much give and some users may begin to feel some fatigue after about an hour of use, if not sooner. If comfort is key to your performance, then you’ll want to try this headset on before buying. 

Upon holding the Cloud Flight S in hand, the construction feels a bit on the fragile side. It’s not that it’s necessarily cheaply constructed, but the feel is there. The thinner-feeling plastic prevents the headset from feeling sturdy enough to withstand any sort of punishment. There’s a decent amount of flex in the headband but it feels like it could snap under the slightest bit of pressure. The upside is that the materials used here seem to help keep the weight down. If the headset were any heavier than the 320 grams it clocks in at, then the leatherette and foam on the headband really wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s an odd-feeling gaming headset in-hand, but it seems more like a matter of subjectivity. 

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