FunSpark ULTI EU & NA qualifier teams and matches revealed

The initial matchups and team lists for the North American and European FunSpark ULTI qualifiers have been revealed. The $300,000 LAN tournament is set to be held in China from December 1st to 6th, although given the current global pandemic, COVID-19, many are expecting this to be moved to a later date. Beijing, Hainan and Chengdu are the three locations currently being looked at.

16 teams from Europe will be battling it out for the two spots available in the main event as well as a $15,000 first place prize. In North America only eight teams will be competing in the hopes of earning the one spot available to the region. The grand final for the qualifiers is scheduled for August 20th.

The only two confirmed teams for FunSpark ULTI as of now are TYLOO and FURIA.

Europe qualifier team list:

Group AGroup B
Movistar Ridersc0ntact

North America qualifier team list:

Ze Pug GodzNew England Whalers

Europe opening matches:

Saturday, August 8
07:00   Dignitas vs.  Giants
08:30   Secret vs.  Syman
10:00   forZe vs. Nordavind
11:30   Endpoint vs.  Movistar Riders

Sunday, August 9
07:00   North vs.  x6tence
08:30   AGO vs.  Illuminar
10:00   Sprout vs.  Winstrike
11:30   Nemiga vs.  c0ntact

North American opening matches:

Saturday, August 8
14:00  TeamOne vs. Cloud9
15:30   Ze Pug Godz vs.  Yeah
17:00   Levitate vs. Chaos
19:30   New England Whalers vs. TBD

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