FaZe Clan Welcomes ‘Nuke Squad’ to the Team

FaZe Clan welcomes three new members to its ranks tonight. The “Nuke Squad,” now known as FaZe JSmooth (Jordan, Last Name Unknown), FaZe Santana (Santana Dante) and FaZe Booya (Ean, Last Name Unknown), will join Nuke Squad teammate FaZe Swagg (Kris Lamberson) as part of the North American gaming organization. 

Together, members of Nuke Squad have more than 7M followers, having amassed an audience from the Call of Duty scene.

The name “Nuke Squad” came to fruition after a fan suggested the moniker during a stream. The suggestion stemmed from the realization that the four would get together to play Call of Duty and spend all day trying to obtain nukes, which only happens after a streak of 30 kills. 

Behind the scenes, FaZe Clan has been working with Nuke Squad since being invited to the FaZe Academy last October. Now part of Nuke Squad, the four members have gone through the FaZe Academy program, which was developed for new members, assisting them in realizing their destiny as elite players and content creators. 

The FaZe Academy covers many different areas pertinent to the streaming and entertainment space such as FaZe Clan History 101, Cultural and Sensitivity Training, Code of Conduct Review, Media Training, Mental Health Awareness, Content Strategy and Creation, and Audience Development.

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