FaZe Clan Continues Apparel Drops With New Bunker Collection and ‘FaZe K1’ Merchandise – The Esports Observer

FaZe Clan, the competitive esports and gaming lifestyle organization is at it again. Today, the North American based company announced its newest apparel line, called the “Bunker Collection.” This new set of apparel, which follows the Blackout 2.0 collection, will be available to the public at 12 p.m. PST on the FaZe Clan website.

Additionally, the newest member of Faze Clan, Kyler “FaZe K1” Murray, the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, will have his own collection drop.

For the Bunker Collection, FaZe Clan says that “it has tapped into their own creative team” to showcase what the organization describes as the intersection of FaZe Clan’s tactical style and streetwear. 

The collection was directed and photographed by VY creative and designed primarily by Blazzy, who took inspiration from “military bunkers and gaming culture as a whole.” 

This art and style is an homage to FaZe Clan’s Call of Duty roots, using “cold undertones” with the imagery and includes prominent influencers in the streetwear community as models. 

While the Bunker Collection will feature t-shirts, shorts, jersey, clock, blanket and more ranging from $30-$90 USD, Murray’s collection will see a t-shirt and hoodie ranging from $40-$90.

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