Effort leads T1 to win over APK during LCK week 3

T1 have kept their winning streak alive with a win against APK Prince during week three of the LCK today. After a fluke in week one against Hanwha Life Esports, the League of Legends team pulled themselves together to go on a winning rampage.

Support Lee “Effort” Sang-ho stepped up as the player of the game today to lead T1 to beat APK 2-0.

While APK aren’t the best team in the league, they put up a good fight against the dominating T1. Effort played Braum in game one to secure the first win of the series and picked Blitzcrank in game two to counter the Thresh pick from APK.

And even though APK secured the Mountain Dragon soul, they were no match for T1, who set up plays for Effort’s Blitzcrank.

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