DreamHack Open Anaheim day two will send home either MIBR or ENCE

DreamHack Anaheim is moving into day two with Gen.G and FURIA sitting comfortably awaiting their Sunday matches. The rest of the teams won’t be getting such a break, however, as they look to battle for their tournament life.

The first match of the day will see Endpoint taking on forZe to determine which team will be the first to make their exit from the tournament. Endpoint took a 16-6 beating at the hands of FURIA while North bested forZe to put the two teams in this position.

On the other side of the elimination bracket is ENCE and MIBR, which in the past would not be the two teams you’d have expected to see in this position. MIBR fell to Complexity in their opener while ENCE was unable to close out their lead on Nuke against Gen.G.

Waiting for the winners of the previously mentioned matches will be North and Complexity who currently hold a 1-1 record. North, having been victorious over forZe, set up a match against FURIA which wouldn’t go nearly as well. Complexity followed up their win over MIBR with a 16-13 back-and-forth battle with Gen.G to end up in the decider.

North will take on the winner of forZe and Endpoint while Complexity’s path to the semifinals will have to go through either ENCE or MIBR.


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