CSL Esports Chief Commercial Officer Neil Duffy Exits Company

CSL Esports Chief Commercial Officer Neil Duffy announced Wednesday that he is leaving the collegiate esports organizer to pursue new opportunities. His departure from the company follows former chairman Wim Stocks’ departure in December after 11 years to join Vindex-owned Belong Gaming Arenas

Duffy joined WorldGaming as a VP of business development in the summer of 2014 and helped facilitate the acquisition of Collegiate Starleague in 2015, among many other accomplishments during his time in various roles at the company over the last six years. In September of 2020 WorldGaming and CSL were acquired by Playfly Sports, and in November both companies were merged into a new entity called CSL Esports. Also in November, former Nerd Street Gamers exec Rob Johnson was hired as the company’s new CEO.

“After 6+ years in scholastic esports and two acquisitions, I was ready for new challenges and adventures, Duffy said in a statement. “I wanted to get back being innovative and creative, to develop campaigns for partners that have never been seen or tried before.”

Duffy’s exit from CSL Esports appears to be an amicable one, describing CSL Esports CEO Rob Johnson as a “powerhouse” and the new ownerships’ vision for the future of the company as something he “respects and admires.” 

Duffy did not disclose what his plans are going forward, but did provide a hint at what he would like to do at a new company: “Every esports company needs a strong sales and revenue-focused leader, so I’m excited to find an emerging company that I can lean into sales and strategy and take to the next level.”

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