Cloud9 up to a flawless 10-0 start in the LCS, post impressive GD@15 record

For fifth week in a row, Cloud9 has refused to drop a single LCS game and are halfway through to accomplishing a perfect split. This weekend, the sky blue jerseys recorded their 10th win in a row and once again, all spotlight was on bot laner Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen.

Although his dreams of 100 KDA ratio were ruined by Evil Geniuses last week, Zven was in top form against Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals. Zven finished with a combined 12/1/10 KDA across both games and it’s hard to imagine a better candidate for the Spring Split MVP title. The Dane was especially scary in the match-up against Immortals, where his Senna took two kills before the 8-minute mark, which was all the early scaling he needed. He finished with a 100% kill participation, securing eight of the 10 kills of his team, including a triple kill at the first Baron team fight.

Even though he’s died now a total of three times since the league began, Zven still holds the highest KDA in all major regions at 39.7, not counting that of JD Gaming’s Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook who sits at 54 but hasn’t played more than his team’s first four games, after which the LPL went on indefinite hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak.

And speaking of stat records, Cloud9’s 10-game hot streak has made them the best in the world (again not counting JD Gaming) in several categories. Team-wise, C9 sit at a KD ratio of 3.53, the second one being LCK’s Gen.G at 2.10.

What’s more impressive, however, is Cloud9’s Gold Difference at 15 minutes (GD@15) average, which is at the whopping 2,687. For comparison, the second best team in the LCS, Team SoloMid, is at 986. The third best, Golden Guardians, is at 124, and every other team has a negative GD@15. Only two other teams in the world have a GD@15 above 1,000. Gen.G are at 1,725 and DragonX at 1,157. Cloud9’s current record even rivals G2’s GD@15 of 2,606 from their 13-5 2019 Spring Split, and even though C9 are competing in the much less competitive North American region, their raw statistics remain impressive.

Cloud9’s biggest test for their flawless streak will be the upcoming week 6, when the team plays both 2nd place FlyQuest (7-3) and 3rd place Dignitas (5-4). If Cloud9 get over that hump, they’ll be at 12-0, needing only six more wins against the weaker teams in the league to accomplish the perfect split — a feat not LCS team has done, even though the 17-1 Immortals in 2016 Spring and 17-1 TSM of 2016 Summer came close.

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