CDL Atlanta Home Series peaked at almost 112,000 viewers

The third week of the Call of Duty League took place in Atlanta this past weekend. According to information presented by Esports Charts, the peak viewership of the event was 111,897. Although trends in the most viewed matches remain mostly consistent compared to previous events, there were some surprises.

The event saw an average viewership of 54,107 viewers across the weekend. This is an increase from the previous event hosted by the London Royal Ravens. In total, CDL London accumulated an average of 43,688 viewers. Steadily, the average viewership is on the rise, suggesting that the CDL is growing in popularity with each event.

CDL Atlanta’s most viewed match

It may not come as a surprise to learn that the most-viewed match of the Atlanta Faze Home Series was the semi-final match. This saw the Chicago Huntsmen and the Florida Mutineers battle it out for a spot in the Grand Final against Atlanta Faze. In fact, three of the top five viewed matches were Chicago Huntsmen matches, suggesting they are still the most popular team in the League.

The biggest surprise in the viewership

Usually, one of the most popular CDL matches is the Grand Final. That’s normally the most important game, with fans watching eagerly to see the outcome. However, this time, the Grand Final between Atlanta Faze and the Florida Mutineers did not even make the top five.

This could perhaps have been due to the outcome of the semi-final match between the Chicago Huntsmen and the Florida Mutineers. Currently, the Chicago Huntsmen and Atlanta Faze are considered the best teams in the game. So, their matchup was, and still is, the most anticipated game amongst Call of Duty fans. However, in the semi-final, the Chicago Huntsmen were reverse swept by the Florida Mutineers, meaning they lost out on facing Atlanta Faze.

The Atlanta Home Series saw Atlanta Faze defend their home territory and take first place, with Jovel ‘Cellium’ McArthur crowned as MVP.

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