Buscofem Sponsors Game Changers Valorant Tour – The Esports Observer

The Brazilian pharmaceutical company Hypera Pharma is now sponsoring the Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers, Riot Games’ initiative to promote the inclusion of minorities in esports. Hypera Pharma will be featuring its brand Buscofem, a medicine made to help enhance women’s well-being.

Buscofem is also sponsoring four professionals and influencers from the local esports community: The CEO of Vorax Marina Leite, journalist Barbara Gutierrez (both featured in TEO’s Women’s Day special), streamer Sher “Transcurecer” Machado, and presenter Isadora Basile.

Buscofem’s steps into the esports environment are being supported by the marketing agency Druid Creative Gaming. According to Buscofem, its sponsorship of Game Changers is due to the fact that both work to solve pains that women suffer, not only physical but the ones caused by “the lack of opportunity, toxicity, and sexism in the scene.”

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