BMW Adds OG to United in Rivalry Campaign for 2021, Reveals Manga

BMW Esports announced Wednesday its plan to continue its “United in Rivalry” campaign with new initiatives and a new partner team that does not play League of Legends esports.

The luxury car brand announced that top-performing Dota 2 esports team OG has joined the United in Rivalry family as a partner team. Financial terms were not disclosed, but the company said in a release that OG would fly the BMW flag in 2021 during esports competitions.

BMW also announced that OG and other United in Rivalry partners Cloud 9, Fnatic, FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports, and T1 will become part of a manga being created by Japanese artist Acky Bright. The manga, “United in Rivalry — the Manga” will feature the aforementioned teams as heroes in a fantasy world engaging in various adventures. 

The manga series will feature eight episodes in total that will be released on the BMW Esports social media channels and on Release timing for the series was not revealed at the time of writing.

Last year’s #UnitedinRivalry social media campaign was created by German advertising agency Jung von Matt


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