Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray Joins FaZe Clan – The Esports Observer

FaZe Clan, the North American gaming content and competitive esports organization, announced that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray as its newest member. The announcement was made via video showing Richard “Ricky” Bengston, known as FaZe Banks, interrupting the NFL Draft to make the announcement.

Murray, who will take on the name FaZe K1 for the organization, was the No. 1 overall draft pick in the 2019 draft and has thrown for over 7.5K yards and 46 touchdowns in just two years with the league. However, Murray is also a video game player that has been playing games since the age of five. He is partial to Call of Duty and of course Madden.

Murray is also in the process of investing in the organization.

To celebrate, FaZe Clan is releasing an official FaZe K1 merch capsule within the organization’s upcoming in-line spring drop. The FaZe K1 capsule, which features a limited-edition t-shirt and hoodie, ranges in price from $40-$90 USD and will be available Thursday.

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