Apex Legends data-miner finds evidence of the Smart Pistol in the files

Season 4 of Apex Legends has seen a ton of new content for fans to enjoy. There’s the updated map, exciting Battle Pass, and of course, the addition of Revenant. Also, we received the Sentinel Sniper Rifle, which is quite a powerful weapon. While this is decent in and of itself, some fans are always looking for more weapons to fire at their enemies. Those fans might be in luck, as one known data-miner has found evidence of a new pistol. However, this isn’t just any weapon; it’s the infamous Smart Pistol from Titanfall 2.

Smart Pistol arriving soon in Apex Legends?

For those that haven’t played Titanfall 2, the Smart Pistol is infamous for one very specific reason. Unlike other weapons, this pistol has automatic aim-assist with bullets that track enemies on their own. Obviously, this type of mechanic is extremely controversial.

Regardless, it seems that the evidence for the Smart Pistol in Apex Legends is piling up. Data-miner @That1MiningGuy has discovered files that hint towards the pistol coming soon. While we don’t have a release date, it’s possible that a Season 4 launch is in the works.

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The PC files of Apex Legends hold files that have the name “Smart_Pistol_MK5_Bullet”. Along with this, there are weapon skins that are within the files, suggesting that Respawn has already worked on the Smart Pistol’s design.

Of course, this doesn’t prove anything, as sometimes Respawn puts things in the files for various reasons. However, if the Smart Pistol was implemented into Apex Legends, we foresee some changes coming to its mechanics.

For one, we can’t imagine that the automatic aim assist and tracking bullets will be too strong. Though, the overpowered nature of the pistol could lead it to be a Supply Crate weapon, making it extra rare.

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