Afreeca Freecs reverse sweep Damwon Gaming in LCK week 4

Afreeca Freecs picked up a win against DWG after a loss to KT Rolster last week in League’s Champions Korea in a 2-0 game. While DWG Rolster have had rough games this season, AFS were at the top of the standings after an early win streak in the split. Mid laner Song “Fly” Yong-jun led his team to victory in the second and third games.

AFS fell off a cliff after the first two weeks of the season. They started playing much worse and got outplayed on multiple fronts. The poor showing reflected on their standings and they dropped to the middle of the pack. This win cements their position as the fourth-placed team in the region, and while it does guarantee them a spot for playoffs, the situation could always turn around in the remaining matches of the Spring Split.

Fly was an absolute beast this game, carrying his team with Ornn in the second game and with Zoe in the third game. Zoe seems to be back as a staple pick for mid laners of all regions after disappearing from the scene for some time. Fly’s late game play against DWG’s support sealed their fate and gave AFS their deserved win.

While DWG dominated the first game, they were unable to replicate their success in the second and third game. AFS subbed in veteran Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon and Son “Jelly” Ho-gyeong to turn things around. Even though Spirit’s mechanics have dropped off in recent times, his shot-calling ability is still top notch and AFS look like a different team with him in game.

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