Adorable Little Girl Takes 2020 Pokemon Oceania Junior Championship In Incredible Upset Win

Simone Lim is now the Oceania International Junior Champion after her upset victory last weekend.

Unlike most competitive esports where 20-somethings battle it out in games that require practice-honed reflexes, Pokémon allows its players to go at their own pace. That’s why you’ll find Pokémon trainers from across the age spectrum, but rarely do you find competitive Pokémon players as young as Simone Lim of Singapore.

In her first tournament win, 7-year-old Simone is now the Oceania Junior Champion after claiming victory in Melbourne.

It was a dramatic conclusion to an incredible story for Simone. Initially placed 7th seed, she climbed the tournament rankings to make it into the top 8 before making her way to the finals against 21-time regional champ Justin Miranda-Radbord. The 14-year-old veteran was widely expected to win, but Simone’s perfect third-round read allowed her to snatch the win right out from Justin’s nose.

After taking the first match, Simone dropped the second match to head into a third and deciding round. Justin managed to whittle Simone’s team down to a single Tyranitar, while Justin still had a Dusclops and an intimidating Rhyperior on his side. With 2:1 odds, Simone’s chances were, but she had one shot left.

With both Crunch and Super Power in Tyranitar’s arsenal, Simone could take down either of Justin’s Pokémon in a single blow. However, with just half her health remaining, her Tyranitar was vulnerable to counter-attack. Her only path was to read her opponent perfectly, which is exactly what she did.

Instead of attacking the more formidable Rhyperior first, Simone went after the smaller Dusclops figuring that it would use Protect to keep Rhyperior safe. This allowed her to KO Dusclops while Rhyperior protected itself, and then finally use Super Power on Rhyperior on the next turn to claim the win.

The crowd went wild after seeing the adorable Simone sheepishly accept a hug from her friend right after her champion-crowning move.

“I knew that he was going to protect the Rhyperior,” said Simone in a post-match interview while clutching her plush Eevee. She also thanked “my friends, my family, and my coach,” giving them credit for her win.

With this upset victory, Simone takes home $1,500 and receives an invitation for the World Championship tournament in Britain later in August.

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