A disappointing outing for MIBR, Complexity sweep them into elimination at DreamHack Anaheim

It’s not the 2020 opening MIBR was hoping for or what many fans were probably expecting as the Brazilian side was eliminated prior to the playoffs at DreamHack Open Anaheim.

The North American and European mix of Complexity held the smoking gun for MIBR in this event, having bested the team in both of their matches. Complexity took a 16-11 win over MIBR in both teams’ opener on Dust2, although MIBR showed some life in the second half and made it look like they may have just needed a little time to find their footing.

MIBR would be put into an elimination game against ENCE to determine who would be going home from the event without a victory. Nuke, a map MIBR is notorious for avoiding was the first on the menu. The Brazilians shocked their opponents on their own map pick with a 16-8 victory before moving to Train, a map considered to be one of MIBRs best.

The AWP of Aleksi “allu” Jalli can’t be underestimated, however, as he led his team to an overtime victory with a +10 kill-to-death differential with a total of 27 kills.

Both teams would achieve double digits on map three, Overpass, but Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and company would pull away with the 16-11 victory. Epitacio “TACO” de Melo would end up with a massive 101.5 average damage per round to close out the map and series.

Thanks to Complexity’s 16-13 defeat at the hands of Gen.G, the two teams would battle once again to decide who would be going home and who would be making the playoffs.

Complexity never gave MIBR a chance to get things rolling. Kicking things off on Nuke, this time MIBR’s own pick, it seemed like Complexity had been keeping a secret weapon. Complexity dominated MIBR, cruising to a 14-1 halftime lead before giving up only one round in the second half for a swift 16-2 victory. Valentin “poizon” Vasilev finished Nuke with a ridiculous 140.6 ADR as the teams AWPer.

Moving into Dust2, the same map on which Complexity had defeated them earlier in the tournament, MIBR proved to be more competitive but not nearly enough. Another pretty strong team effort saw Benjamin “blameF” Bremer’s side secure the 16-9 victory. Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke would lead the scoreboard this time with a +13 k/d differential and 115.2 ADR.

Complexity is set to meet FURIA in the semifinals.

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