23savage joins T1 shortly after breaking 12,000 MMR record; JaCkky released from roster

Clearly a talented player who can destroy players across the public ranked system, 23savage has finally found a new home in the professional scene with T1.

He had previously played for Fnatic where he competed for 10 months prior to an unexpected split from the organization. From there he linked up with ViCi Gaming for unfortunately for fans never played a single match under their banner before being released in January 2021.

He will take the place of JaCkky in T1 who has been officially released by the organization despite the squad having earned a spot in the first Dota Pro Circuit Major. The team finished with a 5-2 record in their regional league which put them out of second seed standing and potentially played a role in the decision to make roster moves.

JaCkky had been with the team since November and played a big role in the teams run to secure a good finish in the regions events. Due to his release, JaCkky will not receive any DPS points and will also be unable to compete in the Major. This leaves the player looking forward to new opportunities that may arise following the event but ahead of the next season.

In addition, 18-year-old Thai player 23savage has secured the highest MMR in Dota 2 at 12,000 MMR. According to Dota 2 Pro Tracker, 23savage went 40-25 over the last eight days while maining his safe pick of Morphling.

It wasn’t all Morphling, however, as he also pulled off some nice wins on Arc Warden and Troll Warlord. This isn’t the only achievement 23savage has made as he was the second player ever to hit 11,000 MMR with only Evil Geniuses’ Abed beating him to the mark. The Filipino mid laner was making history himself, having been the first player to break 10,000 MMR across two rating systems.

With the conclusion of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 in most regions, this was the prime opportunity for 23savage to make his move. If he and other free agents were or are unable to land a place on an organization before the next season they will most likely find themselves watching teams earn their place and compete at The International 10.

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